Ptolus: City by the Spire

The Grand Stair

As the party took a moment to regroup on the ground floor of the Clock Tower, Gideon offered to escort the rescued human couple to the City Watch. Soon after they left, [Ji-Geoman] arrived at the Clock Tower. He congratulated the party on their success agaisnt the Ennin Slavelords, explaining that he had been trying to track Stallman Klim, the last surviving SlaveLord, who had so far managed to elude capture. Ji-Geoman had had no luck in locating him, but reasoned the party was seeking him as well and reasoned they would be easier to find and could join forces to track him down. After making a few inquiries about the city, he had been guided here.

Maur explained they were presently not looking for Stallman, but that Ji-Geoman was welcome to accompany them as they were looking for a stonelost dwarf named Holmag Hornforge, who was supposed to be in the caverns beneath the Clock Tower, searching for a way to Kaled Del, the dwarven refuge of the Stonelost beneath the city.

Not long after this, another dwarf approached the party’s location. Thygurn Stormhelm, who was a priest of Teun, the Mother of All Machines. He explained that much like Holmag, he too was searching for Kaled Del, and had heard from his contacts at The Foundry that there was a secret entrance to be found beneath the Clock Tower in Oldtown. He did not expect anyone to be here, but was pleased to make their acquaintances and all agreed that the added strength of Ji-Geoman’s archery and Thygurn’s stout mace and spells would be a great asset to the group, moving forward.

Realizing it may be some time before Gideon returned, the party decided to go ahead and make another expedition down into the old dwarven halls beneath the Clock Tower.

The party soon returned to where they had left off and expanded their search for Holmag and the five dwarves accompanying him. They found several small caverns filled with stolen supplies from varied shops and trading companies in the city, finally arriving in a cavern where many of the supplies had been shoved aside revealing another tunnel beyond. This tunnel led to a heavy double door of ironwood, intricately carved with a stern faced dwarven face. The door was slightly ajar. Clearly Holmag and his group had passed this way.

The room beyond was a great hall-like chamber, lined with stone columns, with a great staircase in the center of the chamber, leading down into the darkness. The ominous sound of buzzing insects echoed up from below. The walls of this hall were carved with reliefs of dwarven craftsmen forging great weapons of power and suits of fine armor.

Before descending downwards, the party paused to explore a few more areas of this level of the dungeon, encountering and defeating an orc shaman and her two sisters. They also located another massive ironwood double door. Although Ian easily picked the lock, the door would not budge, presumably barred from the opposite side. At last, the party decided to return to the surface to wait for Gideon.

While the party finished their exploration, Gideon successfully dropped off the two rescued villagers with the city watch. He then made a trip to Castle Shard to give the book of Abercombe genealogy to Lady Rill. During this visit, he also spoke briefly with Lord Zavere regarding the trial of Brother Millerjoi. Gideon explained that every time Malkeen Balacazar has helped the party, it has always been some sort of manipulation that managed to help the Baloacazars even more. Gideon was tired of being their pawn and, while he could not speak for the rest of the group, he had no intention of ever dealing with the Balacazars again.

Lord Zavere expressed doubt that Brother Millerjoi would have just blurted out the truth of his secret mission to infiltrate Castle Dalenguard, even under threat of The Conciliators. He explained that obviously, the Balacazars told him to seek refuge with the Church, knowing that would cause them to get involved. He speculated that the entire series of events that played out during Millerjoi’s trial could have been contrived from the start, with the real goal being to get Millerjoi into the chapter house of the Conciliators. Why the Balacazars would want that, though, he did not know.

Following this, Gideon paid a visit to Hammersong Vaults. He then went to the Nagel Estate, where Kurtlan Nagel agreed to accompany him to the Administration Building to acquire a new set of Imperial Identification Papers. Lastly, GIdeon made a trip to North Market, paying a visit to Darthalis Temester at the Book Wagon to have him do a little research on Vagger Nulus; an item referred to in Helmut Itelstein’s prophecies called the “Idol of Ravvan”; and the whereabouts of Linech and Torridan Cran’s sister, Baetha Cran.

Following this, Gideon returned to the Clock Tower to rejoin the party.



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