Ptolus: City by the Spire

The Golden Statue

Stealing Lord Abercombe

Wind 9, 721 IA (Night)

Gideon and Maur planned on taking a quiet night on the town to visit a few bars and just relax, while Ian and Feruch stayed at the rent house to get some much needed rest. Instead, Gideon and Maur spotted another one of the strange Blue Gnolls while they stood on Brandywine Street waiting to catch a growler to Midtown. The creature came from an alleyway, crossed the street and disappeared in an abandoned lot three doors down from their rent house. This vacant lot was filled with junk, debris and rubbish, having turned into an impromptu dumpsite for the neighborhood. Gideon, being the most curious, investigated a small, rundown shed in the middle of the lot, while Maur stayed at the street keeping a lookout. The shed was filled with junk and garbage – other than a few scurrying rats and a stray cat, there were no signs of life in the junked lot.

Gideon then was contacted by Lord Zavere through his thoughtstone, requesting the group come to Castle Shard as quickly as possible to discuss an important development. Fetching Ian and Feruch and grabbing their adventuring gear, the party soon arrived at Castle Shard.

Lord Zavere explained that it had just come to his attention that Linech was apparently missing and that his guards were fleeing his burrow in Riversgate. Zavere suspected that the Balacazars must have caught up with Linech, and that they would certainly be arriving to seize Linech’s assets at the Burrow shortly. Zavere explained that the statue of Lord Abbercombe couldn’t fall into their hands, and that if someone were to try to retrieve it, now would likely the the best and last chance to do so.

Lord Zavere was now pressed by Gideon to explain the importance of the statue. Reluctantly, Lord Zavere explained that Lord Abbercombe had been a dear friend of his and was the final scion of the now defunct noble House Abbercombe (destroyed over 500 years ago). Lord Abbercombe had been very influential on Lord Zavere in his younger days and Zavere had long considered him a friend. Four years ago Lord Abbercombe had disappeared and Zavere had been looking for him ever since. Gideon accepted this for the present, but felt that there was still more to the story that Zavere was holding back.

Supplied with a reinforced wagon, the party made their way to Linech’s Burrow around midnight. At the Burrow, they quickly determined that Zavere had been correct in that the guards had fled, and it seemed that only a half-elven woman (high on shivvel and passed out on a front porch) was all that remained. They also found Aleele hiding in a warehouse, who at first suspected they were there to kill him, but upon learning they were there to just loot the place, offered to help.

Aleele fumbled with his keyring, prompting Maur to hack the door with his sword, forcing their way in. While Maur used his engineering skills to fashion a large system of rope and pulleys to lower the statue out of the window to the street below, Feruch and Maur brought the wagon about to wait below. Gideon had brought a large sack and started filling it with papers, ledger books, and any other items of value that he could find (including the contents of a couple secret compartments in Linech’s desk).

With Aleele’s help, Maur and Gideon slid the heavy golden statue to the window and quickly lowered it down to the wagon below, just as Malkeen Balacazar and a large force of Balacazar thugs showed up to loot the burrow. The party jumped out the window, Allele along with them, sliding down the rope to the wagon and made their escape.



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