Ptolus: City by the Spire

The Glitterhame

With Gideon having rejoined the party, the Red Trackers made their third foray into the delvings beneath the Clock Tower. Returning to the hall and the grand stair, the party descended. They were immediately beset by a swarm of stirges, but thanks to Thyrun’s spells the creatures quickly fled, only to be shot from the air by Ji-Geoman’s well-placed arrows.

Continuing down the stairs, the party eventually found themselves in a vast cavern over one hundred feet below the city streets. A rapidly flowing stream flowed throughout the complex, the rush of it’s chill waters echoing eerily through the caves. Searching about, the party found some dried bloodstains and tracks leading to the stream. They reasoned that one of the dwarves in Holmag’s party had been wounded by the stirges and stopped here to dress their wound. Seeing no further evidence the party was unsure which way to go – no less than four separate tunnels branched off from this main chamber in different directions.

Again Thygurn’s spells proved beneficial. After thoroughly questioning Maur about his earlier meeting with Holmag, Thygurn cast locate object, hoping to divine the location of an article of jewelry Holmag was wearing. The spell directed them to the east, but indicated the item (and presumably Holmag) was a great distance away.

Following Thygurn’s spell, the party eventually found themselves in another large cavern. This e appeared to be some type of dwarven crypt, but had never been completed. About two dozen tombs were located here, but only appeared to be occupied. These four dwarves had died in varied ways: old age, combat, smelting incidents, etc. all having been entombed just over 1,000 years ago – soon after the storied fall of Dwarvenhearth.

Choosing to not disturb the dwarven tombs further, the party continued on. It was as they entered another vast cavern that Thygurn’s spell began to behave erratically. At one moment, it pointed them towards a small, rusty iron door on the far side of the cavern. Then it would direct them to a flight of stone stairs descended from the chamber to their right. After much discussion, the party finally decided to take the stairway.

This led them to yet another cavern, this one being long and narrow. The stream ran the length of this chamber, rushing past in a torrent before dropping down a large hole in the east end of the cavern in a roaring waterfall. The stone banks of the river here were covered in slick slime. Thygurn’s spell directed the party towards the waterfall, as well as toward a well-hidden flight of stone stairs leading down to the bottom of the falls. Exploring the area, Ji-Geoman noticed marks in the slime that indicated someone had lost their footing here and had slid along the edge of the rushing stream and over the waterfall into the caverns below.

The party continued down the stairway, arriving at the bottom of the falls. Here the water’s dropped into a large lake and rushed quickly down a deep stream to the south. No body was found and Gideon soon realized that anyone washed down the falls would likely have been carried, by the swift current, south down the stream. Before proceeding, however, the party searched the large cavern surrounding this lake. They found what appeared to be a portion of the cavern had been walled off and now could only be accessed by a pair of water-swollen ironwood doors.

Despite their best efforts, they were only able to open one of the doors. Ji-Geoman, lean and wiry compared to the rest of the group, showed an uncanny strength and persistence, prying one of the swollen doors open. A massive storeroom was beyond, filled with decaying foodstuff in moldy crates, barrels of wine turned to vinegar and sacks of food long turned to moldy dirt. Seeing a damp spot on the floor, Gideon was hopeful that maybe whomever fell over the waterfall had somehow managed to find refuge here, but alas, upon investigating, it turned out to be nothing more than a puddle of grey ooze that attacked the party. Upon it’s defeat, they searched the storeroom, finding nothing of value.



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