Ptolus: City by the Spire

Linele and the Pocketwatch

Wind 7, 721 IA (Earthday – night)
The party accidentally crashed their boat against the rocks before reaching land. All managed to make it to shore, with Maur grabbing ahold of the wreckage and Ian grabbing Linele, who started to sink, refusing to drop her pocketwatch. The party snuck past a few guard patrols, eventually making it to the edge of Midtown where they were able to hail a growler to take them to their house on Posey Street.

Having the growler wait for them, they changed into some dry clothes and spoke briefly with Linele, hoping to learn more about her condition and the watch she carried. She showed them two terrible sword wounds to her stomach, asking only that they take her to her father, Linech.

Instead, they decide to return to Castle Shard to seek advice from Lord Zavere and Lady Rill. From Lady Rill, they learn the watch was possessed by a demon and confirmed that Linele was now a fledgling vampire, raised to undeath as a result of the corrupting influence of the demon-possessed watch. Lord Zavere demanded the watch be destroyed, identifying the demon within it as Ylouil, the demon that had years ago taught men how to craft shivvel from certain types of seaweed.

With Lady Rill’s help, Maur was able to take the watch from Linele, who immediately collapsed upon letting it go. The demon sought to trick the party into thinking that Linele could only survive with the help of the watch, but Lady Rill proved this to be untrue. Despite the demon within the watch promising to teach Maur powerful wizardry and magic, he cast it into the fireplace, destroying it.

There was then much disagreement among the group over what to do with Linele. She still wanted to be taken to her father, pleading with Gideon to do so. The group finally realized that Linele only wanted to see her father to get revenge against him for her death. Lady Rill and Lord Zavere both recommended that the girl be given to the Brotherhood of Redemption in the hopes that they may be able to either reverse the process that made her a vampire, or otherwise give her some semblance of peace.

Lord Zavere paid the party members the gold he had promised, then Lady Rill cast a stasis on Linele, as Kadmus brought their personal coach about to take the party and Linele to the Monastery of Redemption.

The party left Linele with Brother Fhomas Reen at the Monastery of Redemption in the Guildsman District. He assured them that every precaution would be taken to insure her safety while they attempted to reverse the vampiric curse placed upon her by Ylouil, the demon trapped within Linele’s Pocketwatch. The party then returned to their house to get some much needed rest.



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