Ptolus: City by the Spire

Interrogating the Clone

Before entering the caves to search for Yara, Gideon, who was still suspicious of Markessa’s clone (which may not be a clone at all, but a clever ploy by Markessa to distract the party) interrogated her further.

She reiterated her earlier responses, that she was cloned of the real Markessa, and had been enchanted to remain in the compound until such time as when she would aid Markessa in escaping. She explained that she was required to lead the party through numerous traps, should Quintan not be able to stop them.

Still not fully convinced, Gideon then demanded that she escort them through the dungeon, revealing the locations of all the secret doors and hidden places that she knew of, beginning with the hidden safe in the wall in Markessa’s bedroom.

Markessa’s clone led them about the dungeon, diligently, showing them the wall safe (which was empty, and had a secret compartment in the back of it which was, now, also empty). She explained the room with the black curtains, stone chair and brazier was the room where Guliyet, a female goblin witchdocter, an apprentice of Markessa stayed, but that she left the dungeon a few days ago to run an errand for Markessa, and had not yet returned.

She escorted the party to Fyndax’s quarters, showing a secret door in the that room that led to a alchemical laboratory lit in a sinister red light. The party searched about the room, with Maur accidentally springing a trap which caused a bluish-black gas to fill the chamber.

Maur was slightly dazed by the smoke, which rendered him almost deafened by a strong pounding in his ears. As he emerged from the smoke, Ian drew his sword, attacking him. To the rest of the party, Maur appeared to be a flaming efreet lunging towards them. Maur took no offensive actions against the rest of the group and eventually the alchemical gas wore off, causing him to appear normal again.

A few items were looted from this room, before the party moved on.

Arriving in Blackthorne’s chambers, Markessa’s clone explained that the captain of the guard was an incredibly tall, gaunt man (slightly taller than Feruch) with pale white skin. He was accompanied by three werewolf bodyguards. The clone stated that Markessa did not fully trust Blackthorne, in that he was a new arrival at the dungeon, having been sent by the Ennin Inner Circle to oversee the defenses of the compound, a position which Markessa felt herself more than capable of satisfying.

In this room, she pointed to a potted plant (a gift from Markessa to Blackthorne), which Gideon promptly smashed to the floor. The hanger for this plant opened another secret door. This one led to a narrow hallway which had a 12" square tunnel cut into one wall at waist height. The floor of this tunnel was laid with a small rail track that led to a room some distance away. A metal wire strand ran the length of the tunnel, where it was attached to three small railcars which rested on the track in the far chamber. Maur pulled on the strand, causing the railcars to glide down the tracks towards them. One of these cars had a small wooden chest resting within it. Passing it to Ian, he opened it to see that it was full of platinum.

Lastly, Markessa’s clone too kthe party to teh long tunnel where they had captured her. Here, she explained that the pit which Maur narrowly avoiding diving headlong into, was triggered by a small pressure plate hidden near the floor. An illusion had been cast over this area, which would normally go unnoticed, but if the pressure plate was depressed, the floor would fall away, leaving a deep pit masked by the illusion.

Still not knowing exactly what to think of the clone, the party then decided to return to the slave room. Markess’a clone refused to enter the cage holding the strange statue. Markessa had stressed that it would be dangerous for her clone to ever enter the caves. She promised that should the party leave her there, she would not flee, and would be awaiting their return. Feruch offered to stay behind to guard her, if the party wished.

Gideon opened the gate to the cage holding the odd statue. Ian and Maur followed behind him.



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