Ptolus: City by the Spire

Helmut Itelstein

The party returned to Castle Shard, leaving the statue of Lord Abbercombe with Lord Zavere. He rewarded them for their efforts and stated that Lady Rill would now get to work researching a restorative to revive Lord Abbercombe.

The party returned to the home in the Guildsman District for a much needed rest. They hid their growing fortune of gold, silver and gems in a small secret room below the stairs and made plans to pay a visit to Hammersong Vaults at their first opportunity to rent a safebox. They also discussed their concerns that Malkeen Balacazar may have spotted them as they left (or maybe not, they just aren’t sure) and that it may be a good idea to try to lay low for a while to make sure.

Regardless, they decided to at least not leave the house for the rest of the weekend, as a simple precaution.

The following day, a courier arrived from Lord Zavere bearing a sealed parcel. Within was a copy of Linech’s Ledgers that Zavere had been able to deciper with Aleele’s assistance.

The following day, Gideon and Maur leave for Delver’s Square to sell some of the items they had recovered from Linech’s house and office. Feruch and Ian were left behind to guard the house and keep an eye on things.

Upon their arrival to the Square, Gideon was appraoched by Brother Fabitor Thisk who explained he had been looking all weekend for Gideon and his friends in and around the Square. He explained that Phon had now gone missing and that he had learned that her lover was none other than Helmut Itelstein. Itelstein had arrived at Phon’s apartment at the end of last week and she had left with him. She had not been heard or seen since. Brother Fabitor was growing increasingly worried about her safety, noting that she had not attended yesterday’s services at the chapel.

Gideon and Maur agreed to try to find her, since they too felt it was time to have a little discussion with this Helmut Itelstein.

Not knowing exactly where to start, Gideon made contact with Kaira Swanwing of the Knights of the Golden Cross, reasoning that since her group watched over all the runechildren they knew about, and speculating that Phon is to give birth to one, she should be made aware of the situation. They met her at her home Kaira Swanwing’s House in Oldtown.

Kaira recommended that they visit the Administration Building to look through the public records to find where Itelstein lived. Doing so, Maur and Gideon spent most of the rest of the day sifting through old land deeds, bribing a few officials, and filling out request forms. Finally, just before the offices closed for the day, they found what they were looking for…Itelstein apparently lived in a small two-story house on Limit Street in the Temple District. Realising they may have need of Ian’s talents, they took a growler back to their house (leaving Feruch behind to continue guarding their stash) and then hastily made their way to Limit Street.



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