Ptolus: City by the Spire

An Interlude...

After a good night’s sleep, the party decided that before facing off with a black dragon (the most powerful adversary they had ever faced), they would need to stock up on supplies and magic.

The party paid a visit to Castle Shard to speak with Lady Rill about casting some protective magic upon each of them. Having done a lot to aid the lord and lady of the castle, Lady Rill agreed without hesitation. She cast stoneskin upon each member of the group, asking only for a simple favor in return (as was often the case in Ptolus).

Lady Rill explained that she had been working these past several months to find a restorative for Lord Abbercombe that would free him from his golden prison. Every spell she has tried so far has failed. She explains that there is a book of hidden lore that belonged to Alchestrin, a powerful wizard and first Lord of Castle Shard. She had thought his library was complete in her collection, but this tome, entitled Fireweaver, Oath of Ashes, is not in her possession.

Lady RIll has done her research and concluded that the book must have been buried with Lord Alchestrin and now resides in a tomb in the Necropolis. It is well known among the Wise that Alchestrin lapsed into a madness in his later years and researched many fel magics. Upon his death, at the hands of one of his ogre servants, he was entombed with his dark research. This particular tome must have been accidentally entombed there as well.

Lady Rill also explains that the clay token the party recovered some time ago from Linech Cran’s moneypouch is the key to opening Alchestrin’s tomb. How he managed to come across this token, long thought lost, is a mystery, but clearly, he had intended to gift it to Silion Ankismar, who likely intended to retrieve these tomes of dark magic to aid the Cults of Chaos.

The party likely would have refused such a mission into the Necropolis before, but now armed with the knowledge that the undead who plague the cemetery are only active at night, and also having a powerful priest among their number, they agreed to recover the book. Lady Rill showed understanding, however, insisting they first complete any other timely missions they may be involved with before setting out to the Necropolis.
The party then made way to Hammersong Vaults, withdrawing the vast majority of treasure they had accumulated so far. Laden with many sacks of gold, they now traveled to Delver’s Square purchasing many potions, runestones, magical items and everything else they could afford to aid them in defeating a dragon.

Thygurn made a visit to The Smoke Shop, purchasing more shot and powder for him and Maur. The Smoke Shop was a relatively new addition to the North Market, having been open for only a few months. They specialize in the sell of technological devices – firearms, goggles, precision tools, etc. While there, Thygurn asked about purchasing the schematic for a small cannon. Gunther, the aging shopkeep showed him a hand cannon (“useful for blowing down doors and wooden walls”). Thygurn immediately thought this could be handy, but it wasn’t what he was looking for. Finally, Gunther locked the doors and carried Thygurn to the back room of the shop, which was a large storage room. He explained that the sale of cannons, even their schematics, were heavily regulated by the Empire. He would be willing to get him a schematic for a small cannon, but only if Thygurn could first help him solve a mystery.

Gunther, referring to a large stack of kegs of gunpowder, explained that he had had several come up stolen over the past week. The thieves had made off with a total of 13 barrels of powder and had broken in on at least two nights. He explained the first night he was robbed, they took 3 kegs. Then three nights later (just last night) 10 kegs came up missing. There is a large double door leading from this room to the alley out back, but on both occasions, the lock remained intact. Gunther had alerted the City Watch, but they came up with nothing. The lock appears to have not been tampered with. Gunther tells Thygurn that he wants him to spend a few nights hidden in the storeroom and keep watch over his supply, find out who is stealing from him, and if at all possible, recover his stolen gunpowder. In return, he will get the schematic for building a small cannon.

Stopping at the Temple of Teun to purchase their stock of healing tablets, Thygurn then returned to the party, just as they were wrapping up in Delver’s Square. They made their way back to Hammersong Vaults to deposit what little gold they had left.



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